Resolutions Test

This year I am going to try out something different for my New Year’s resolutions; I am going to begin them on my birthday in November. That will allow for a couple of months to test them out and see if any adjustments make sense before plunging in all the way when the New Year comes. I have three to test.

To recollect more. Recollect, as it sounds like it would, means to gather again, to re- collect. Over the last several years I have disposed of much stuff, including a lot of books. Recently I have gotten to thinking that purging, while often cathartic, can have the negative effect of disconnecting us from our history. I want to do a better job of recollecting who I am in the coming year. I am particularly interested in recollecting as it pertains to my Christian faith and my academic pursuits.

More candor. The word candor means whiteness but its meaning developed alongside candid which means to shine or glow. We think of being candid as being honest and open, and that is how I am thinking of it as a resolution. In the coming year, I would like to be more candid. But my intention is to do this without becoming excessively critical. More upbeat candor.

Be accessible. Initially I conceived of this resolution as “allowing myself to be inconvenienced more.” Reflecting on my introverted life, I recognize that I miss out on some great relationships, some much needed help and advice, some fun times, and much more because I favor convenience (like not staying out late or driving long distances to attend events) over inconvenience. But then no wonder I miss out, if I think in terms of inconvenience. Not sure accessible is a much better way of saying it, but what I mean by it is that I am going to work on prioritizing being accessible to other people, even when that means being uncomfortable.

There they are. Three test resolutions. I will add what is sort of a fourth, to blog more. Over the last year I have completely gotten into a blogging funk as I search for the direction I would like my online writing to go. Even as I write this, I am thinking, “Why would I want to post it?” Well I am just going to hit the publish button without thinking it through.