Author and Speaker and Occasional Media Subject (highlights)

The 100 Thing Challenge (Harper, 2010) (available here) A book loved by many of those tired of excessive consumerism, but viziouzly hated by excezzive cat lovers.

TEDx (video available) A talk about the importance of simplicity for our times.

Time Magazine | 700 Club | Boing Boing | Mother Jones | and quite a bit more

I received my M.A. in Religion in American Life from Wheaton and my B.A. in Bible and Theology from Moody. I strongly believe exposure to the liberal arts is both a benefit to one’s soul and a competitive advantage in one’s life. Also, whatever else you do, make sure you are regularly reading some of the great works of literature.

If I make good middle throughout my life, that would be perfecto.

I am happily married. My wife and I have helped God create three daughters, who are all doing an amazing job growing up. There are a lot of animals in our lives. I also blog at The Rabbit Room.