About Dave Bruno


100 Thing Challenge A worldwide simple living movement that continues to inspire and improve the lives of many thousands of people.


ChristianAudio A leading publisher of faith-based audiobooks.

Author and Speaker and Occasional Media Subject (highlights)

The 100 Thing Challenge (Harper, 2010) (want to buy my book?) A book loved by many of those tired of excessive consumerism, but viziouzly hated by excessive cat lovers.

TEDx (video available) A talk about the importance of simplicity for our times.

SXSW Interactive (audio available) A talk about the importance of simplicity for our economy.

Time Magazine | 700 Club | Boing Boing | Mother Jones | and quite a bit more

Day Job

Associate Director of Digital Marketing & Web A strong belief in the power of working a regular job that contributes to a regular organization that is making a meaningful difference in the world, like PLNU is. I lead content strategy and information architecture and digital marketing, sometimes adjunct as a history professor, and pull off office space remodeling coups.

Dave Bruno 100 Thing ChallengeOver the years I have described myself as a restless wanderer on my way home. Ultimately, I expect to get there only by Christ’s grace. Wandering by grace is a pretty good description for an entrepreneur, I think. We are not going to get somewhere without being on the move. And none of us are bright enough to arrive at interesting places without some unmerited favor. That is good justification to help others thrive, which I enjoy doing.

I received my M.A. from Wheaton and my B.A. from Moody. I strongly believe exposure to the liberal arts is both a benefit to one’s soul and a competitive advantage in one’s life. Whatever else you do, make sure you are regularly reading some of the great works of literature.

I am happily married. My wife and I have helped God create three daughters, who are all doing an amazing job growing up. We are committed San Diegans and call our home Westerly House and have plans for it. There are a lot of animals in our lives.