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The Beautiful Physicality of Art – Chris Koelle

A great benefit of having friends who are superb artists is the introductions they provide to other artists. Over at the Rabbit Room, Andrew Peterson posted about Chris Koelle’s recently commissioned etching inspired by Johnny Cash’s song¬†The Man Comes Around. I could not resist posting here on my blog the accompanying video of Koelle¬†at work. Simply wonderful!

It may come across as moralizing about a topic near and dear to my heart, but I cannot resist saying that creations like Koelle’s etching do not fit the paradigm of excessive consumerism. In our times, when mass manufacturing removes us from the production of the things we consume, it is refreshing to witness craftsmanship. In art, as in so much of life, if we will be present and available to see then we can experience the beautiful physicality of what people create.